Transcoder path




I have attached a usb external drive to my 16 gb Nvidia Shield.

Am I supposed to change the transcoder path on the Plex server advanced settings?

If yes, is it /usb storage/Plex Media Server/transcode/ ?
or /sdcard/Plex Media Server/transcode/ ?

Many thanks.


I am looking for the same answer… I go into ES File Explorer and click on my SDCARD. In my case it’s a USB 3.0 SSD HD. ES File Explorer says its listed as /Storage/3C6D-94B8. I then created a Plex folder under that. I am hoping this is the correct path to put in for the Temp Transcoder Path.


Now that we can use SD cards and External storage for our DATABASE… please allow us to PICK the folder from the devices on the SHIELD just like we can with the database. This would be a simple solution.


BTW… this is what I am using for my transcoder path


You would just need to change the XXXX-XXXX to your SDCARD drive.