unable to get DTS, DTS-HD, DD or True_HD



I have recently setup a plex server with windows10 pc where all my movies - bluray quality and hd- sound are saved. and install plex in PS3 as a client for playing all my movies from my plex pc server.

I can stream through PS3 but not getting any DTS, DTS-HD, DD or True_HD through my receiver Marantz 1504.

If I play bluray from my PS3 the all DTS, DTS-HD, DD or True_HD works fine.

So is it possible get same sounds in plex in my ps3 ?

if not then what player do i use to get all HD sound through plex client.

Please assist.


You need to use Plex Media Player for Windows or Embedded Plex Media Player on a proper HTPC. Another great alternative is the NVIDIA Shield.


Thanks for the reply. Do I embed plex media player on my pc where my movies are saved or in PS3 where I stream them?


I am streaming movies in PS3 using plex, and my movies are saved in PC,
so are you talking about plex media player on ps3 or PC?


Plex app for PS3 is not capable of bitstreaming HD audio. You need to use a different device as a client.


oh ok thats the issue then, thanks for confirmation, so i better use something else as client like Nvidia shield! but nvidia shield is expensive,

Do you know HiMedia Q10 Pro plex capable bitstreaming HD audio?


Or should I better off building HTPC which may cost $500-$600 to avoid ongoing issue like Nvidia shield has issue Atmos and DTSX passthrough


Which OS do you plan on using? Windows or Embedded Linux?


windows 10


not sure which one would be best linux or windows?


If you want the latest NUC7, then you need to use Windows 10. You would need to stick with NUC6i3 or NUC6i5 if you intend on using embedded Linux.


Thanks for your prompt reply .

I am planning to build HTPC by myself, I'll be using intel corei3 7100 processor.

Do you think window or linux OS would be best for Streaming from plex server?


What board?


MSI B250M Mortar


The reason I ask is there is an issue with HD Audio passthrough with the Kaby Lake NUC under Linux. Depending on what board you use, you could be impacted by the same Linux issue.


OK, so MSI B250M Mortar this fine?


I am not sure to be honest. If its a native HDMI 1.4, then you may be ok. But if its emulated through the DP controller, you will have issues with Linux.


Do you intend on using the iGPU in the CPU or discrete GPU?


I will use built in GPU so I guess iGPU


It should be ok with that board. Seems they are using the native HDMI controller of the chipset. Linux should not have an issue with it.