Upload unnatural since version



Since I updated Plex to version on my synology and each time I start the package, I notice the the application send a huge amount of data (my upload bandwidth is saturated). I stop the package, everything comes to normal.
Any idea of what's is going on ?


We need to see what’s happening to know what’s going on. It’s like going to the mechanic and saying “my gas mileage isn’t as good as it used to be.”


Well I can’t talk for the user above, but on may case “what happened” was simply upgrading as usual to this new version on synology. The upgrade failed and I cannot run plex now on the NAS no matter what i do


Please tell me as many details as you can. I am the primary support and am the principle for Synology devices.

Model, memory installed, DSM version, native or in a Docker, etc.


@ChuckPA Sorry for the lack of details
My NAS is a Synonlogy DS415play with 1 Go RAM, DSM version is 6.1.7-15284, native.
As @jonaspaulo, I update Plex manually as requested with the latest version.
Everything works fine, except the problem described above.
There is no package on Synology to monitor the network (unless to use netstat on console)
Do you want Plex logs in PM ?