Using music playlists on DNLA receiver



Plex is working well as a Media Server with my new AV receiver. Much better than WMC which was frustratingly slow. I'd like to create and use playlists for music - and have now found how to create them in Plex :). But they are not there when I browse the music library from the receiver. Any ideas how I can turn them on?


Unfortunately, the way Plex implements playlists prevents them from working over DLNA, so there is no way to enable them for playback over DLNA.


Thanks. That'll save me a bunch of time.


Thanks - will save me a lot of time as well. Very disappointing though.


This means I'll have to go elsewhere for a music server, which I really don't want to do. So my feature request, like you didn't already have enough to do: Rethink and rewrite so playlists can be used by DLNA clients.
(I use Denon Heos, a DLNA client. BTW, Heos has a horrible, unwieldy execution of its native playlist function. This must be a difficult thing to program. )


Another Heos user here. +1 for DLNA playlists.


I love Plex as a video server, but would also support a feature addition for Plex DLNA support to HEOS. I currently use Twonky as a music server. I have not upgraded to Premium as the Music server aspect is what I use the most and Plex does not function. Still waiting for someone to just get iTunes Playlist to work with HEOS and life will be good.


Another HEOS user here. +1 for DLNA playlists