Using Plex API (Python) with Heroku won't initiate playback



I'm trying to use this:

When I test locally, everything works 10/10. As soon as I push the code to Heroku, log prints that it's trying to play, but then eventually (at the 30s mark) throws a 500 because of the timeout. Anyone seen anything similar or know how to fix it?

cars = plex.library.section("Movies").get("Cars")
client = plex.client("Living Room")

After being signed in. If I run this by hosting my python server locally, everything runs fine.


I also just tried this…

cars = plex.library.section("Movies").get("Cars")
print("Found movie name")
client = plex.client(client_name)
print("Setup client")
print("Client should be playing.")

The Heroku server prints

Found movie name
Setup client

Then nothing happens.


What is the client you are trying to play to?

Also, if you post this question on the github page, you’ll get better help as it emails us when you ask. –


The client is an Apple TV