Using Plexamp to a Rasplex and playing via USB to KEF LS50W speakers (inbuilt DAC)


Hi there!

I'm experimenting with using a Rasplex to drive my KEF LS50W, using Plexamp as a controller. It's working pretty well and sounds good!

I was wondering how I can confirm that it is indeed streaming the bitrate stated in the Plexamp interface to the KEF LS50W? Is it direct to Rasplex?

I'm doing this to see if I can use Plex for my music collection rather than ROON. I've already got a pretty robust Plex set up and would like to keep my media streaming to one system if possible!

I'm also after the best audio quality I can configure too :-)



G-Bags, thanks for your post and I’m curious about the details in your setup as well. Currently I use the Logitech Media Server to play and control a Cubox (basically Rasperberry Pi in a cube) which sends the Hi-Res signal via Coax to my integrated amp. It sounds fantastic and the integrated amp confirms that my music is passed bit-for-bit up to 24/192 resolution.

I’d be very interested to see if your PlexAmp solution with Rasplex can do the same as I use Plex as another Media server option as well.



Hi StachStach,

I’ve had a play and it does work pretty well… I can output to the KEF LS50W speakers via USB and set the output to 192khz on the Rasplex audio settings. I’ve been using the Plexamp client to then play the content headless to the KEF speakers.
I’m interested to know what the Rasplex is processing - it’s running ALSA so I am assuming it should be the same bitrate as what is displayed on the Plexamp, but I have no way of telling!
It sounds good, has gapless playback etc. so it’s been ok so far.


I’m still not 100% sold on this configuration - sometimes I lose the ability to control the Rasplex (stop/start) or it’s a bit laggy and takes several seconds to respond to controls. Soundwise, it’s fine except there are the occasional dropouts.

It would be EXCELLENT if there was a project to drive a DAC from Plex using a Raspberry Pi the same way Chromecast Audio works… Rasplex comes with all the extra stuff to play videos etc that I don’t want to use. All I want is a headless endpoint.
There may be a way to hack this or maybe even there’s someone already doing this!

Even better, it’d be great if the KEF LS50W had the ability to stream direct from Plex. I can dream!


You might already know about it, but there’s another thread in here where we’re sort of doing the opposite, running headless Plexamp on a raspberry PI; that should result in high quality audio and low latency. You can also control the remote Plexamp with a local instance, of course.