Using Raspberry Pi as Plex Server.



Hello everyone.

I can't say I've every used a Raspberry Pi, but I read that they can be used as a server for Plex.

Would I be able to connect a external hardrive to the raspberry pi and leave it running 24/7 to act as my server? Would it be man-enough to deal with HD content etc?



if you use a rasberry pi for a server, you should plan on direct playing your file (rasberry pi are not able to do trans coding to any reasonable level) This means if your clients can play your hd content directly you will be ok but if any trans coding needs to be done then it is not a great solution


Thanks for the reply @plex-linux

So if all the videos were all the same file type which could be opened if i plugged the HD straight into the TV, then it would work fine? Would the raspberrypi be able to handle the 1080p video though? Not familiar with its processing capabilities.



The test you are describing is in principle right. However, it turns out that PMS runs in practice a policy which tends to always be a little more conservative in order to be on the safe side.

1080p is no problem. 4320p - which is not yet existing - would also be no problem per se. It is finer details that are decisive. Your files may have streams encoded in the high end audio formats which your TV can not handle. Or they have a video stream of excessive high bitrate or are encoded using sophisticated features which did not yet exist when your TV set was build. Subtitles also often create problems.

I do not want to leave the impression that the problems are overwhelming or myriad. But using a rasPi demands a little bit more planning when preparing the data. In any case you can convert (i.e. “optimize”) the data offline and make them that way available to be watched later on your TV set.


To be a little more practical. Why don’t you what on your present set up with the MacBook as server, whether your media need to be transcoded or not. Go to “Status” -> “Now playing” and hover over the image shown.


when you say plug strait in I’m not sure I understand? are you planning to have two rasberry pie one tha is a server and one that is a client, and that plugs into the tv or are you planning to plug the video output from your rasberry pi server into the tv?

for your information a rasberry pi will play 1080 p content quite well. In fact while i don’t currently use a rasberry pi for a server, i do use it as a client running rasplex (Plex Home Theater for Raspberry Pi) on it and it plays all my 1080 p content flawlessly (probably my favorite client) but as i have lot of different clients and multiple people streaming, and a rasberry pi does not work in those situations