Watch later not working.



Recently Watch Later has stopped working. I've upgraded to but this has not cured the issue. I can select a Youtube video added using PlexIt, but cannot view any information about it, nor get prompted for a resolution to play, nothing happens. I suspect it's a change made to PMS rather than Youtube, because they work using the Windows Store App Plex client. Anyone know how I can get this working again?


Do the videos play in plexweb?


The plot thickens. Yes they work in Plex Web. But....
After weeks of not working, last night, after finally making this post and doing some searching/testing, I thought I'd try my luck again and remarkably I was able to watch a 'Watch Later' Youtube video with success. So my possible theories are:
1. Youtube rolled back a change they made to their API
2. The act of me playing a video using the Store App did something to my Plex account correcting an issue.
3. Somehow infrastructure is involved in playing a Watch Later video and they fixed something.
4. Watch Later only works when I've had a few drinks and I am planning to go to bed.


Watch later can be annoying, it does go DOWN occasionally, but seems not for everyone at the same time

there does seem to be in the middle someewhere, as when this happens to me, also cannot watch videos from vimeo etc at the same time as youtube doesnt work,

i also find it sometimes breaks right after a PMS update which is odd, and i have to restart PMS to get it back


Thanks Daniel, it seems to be working again for the most part. A different issue last night -Plex It was 'failing' to add videos, but they were making it into the list anyway.