What could cause openPHT video freezes when mobile remote connected?



I recently switched over to openPHT and really like the interface and added features. One thing that has been happening is that the video freezes periodically when the mobile app is used as a remote. The audio does continue to play and it does correct itself after a few seconds. I have been working with this for a while and have confirmed that it only occurs when the mobile app is connected as a remote, file size and encoding do not seem to affect this.

Galaxy S8 on most up-to-date firmware running on plex v.

Running on Plex Media Server and openPHT from same system; Windows 10, 64 bit operating system, 8 gigs of ram and i5 CPU. Everything is running from a local network and exceptions have been made in the firewall to ensure proper communication.
- PMS v.
- openPHT v.

Any help that can be offered would be great. If this is a new issue then feel free to ask me more questions to try to get this resolved.