OpenPHT freezes



I am running Linux Mint 17, everything was working fine. The only changes I can think of are that I ran updates this morning. Basically the application turns on fine, I can scroll through all available videos intro music all plays fine. Even watching videos via the TV in my living room for the kids no problem. Regardless of the video I launch, it loads up a black screen, plays a few seconds of audio, then freezes. My System Monitor also reports OpenPHT using 25% CPU continuously. It doesn't appear that I have any Linux Mint roll back options unless I personally made a backup which I haven't. I also verified that web player works correctly, so I must have messed up a few files that OpenPHT needs. I removed the app, reinstalled, I did a apt-get update, upgrade, dist-upgrade, autoremove,clean, and reinstalled same results. Are they any log files that might help identify whats wrong? Any assistance or ideas would be greatly appreciated as I watch a lot of shows via my computer as its much quieter at night.


I am a noob, just my self relenting need to never reboot, guess one of the updates involved my video driver. Please ignore ...