Where does Plex for Android store its synced media files by default



Where does Plex for Android store its synchronized media files? 


I have lots of syned Plex video files on my Android tablet that I'd like to share with somebody by connecting my tablet to their computer and dragging them out.


I'm assuming for the moment that they are in a compatible format like .mp4.


Where do I find them on my tablet?  I can choose the location for media files in the settings, but I left it at 'default'.  If I try to change it, it warns me it will delete all my existing media.  I'm away from home for some days and my home has limited bandwidth so I don't want to choose a new folder and re-download everything.


I'm sorry I didn't reply sooner...

The default sync location is a folder within the applications folder. This is not accessible unless you have rooted the device. It's not a particularly user-friendly folder structure, but everything is under: "/data/data/com.plexapp.plex/app_sync"



I have set Plex to store synced files on the SD card (actually says external storage in settings) but still can't see them, do I have to root in order to see them?


Is there a reason behind making this root only accessible? I don't mind rooting as such but I'd rather not as I like the phone as it is.. be nice if things were a little more open.


Is there a reason behind making this root only accessible? I don't mind rooting as such but I'd rather not as I like the phone as it is.. be nice if things were a little more open.

It was a change in where Android OS allows applications to save things.


I would like to be able to erase synced content after listened/watched in order to keep mobile device storage freed up. Is there anyway Plex could put an erase downloaded content once clicked on in the offline mode?


Same here, also would like to remove and access these files


There's no need for this. One could easily store them to Android\com.plexapp.android\files - you know that gets default permissions. People can access that easily, and delete data if app is deleted isn't an issue. I was rather shocked not to see them there. Better yet, you could simply allow people to choose a download folder on compatible phones. Or update things to allow giving permission for folder access on Lollipop, or simply use Marshmallow permissions. Make sure to have a provision for those with adopted storage under Marshamallow. This is lazy programming. Please allow access to the blasted folder! I access almost all my data via a file manager rather than via application. Was hoping this was a viable solution for my wife (I'd just copy the thing - go Smart Audiobook Reader!), but having an easy sync solution for her that would allow her to use either streamed PLEX or sync then the above app would be invaluable. I'm a pass holder. (Can't root my phone due to anal-retentive carrier.)


Plex Pass user here chiming in. Just upgraded today to test everything out, and to say the least, I'm disappointed. Really wish we could access the folder or choose the desired sync location. I assumed "sync" meant that the app would just grab the files I wanted and place them into a folder of my choosing on my phone/android device/whatever, unmodified and with no encryption. Sad to see that's not the case.




@zippyloan66@gmail.com said:

This is a great way to get what you want. Use all caps. Demand things like a whiny child. Greeeeeat.

You could have done some research. Its not their fault that you can't go to the trouble of running a quick google search.


Another plexpass user, would like to be able to place then in the /sdcard folder so that I can then use Plex to download, and on the odd occasion when I'm using Pixel Daydream, use a different app to play them.

Right now I'm having to sync some via Plex, some via other means, and it's a pain.


Plexpass user here - sync'd music does not show up in other music apps. It really should. I think this is because of where the files are being stored


Plex Pass user here... Yes, I would like to be able to sync Music to my phone from my Server, and then play it in a different Android app like PlayerPro... because I like to Scrobble to last.fm and Tweet what I am listening to. This would be an excellent feature. Please make it so that Synced music files are found by other Android music apps. Thanks and keep up the great work!


+1 for getting access to the storage folder. It seems to be possible since I can view the offline m4a files Amazon Music stores in the Android app directory.


Well when is this going to happen, we're all waiting in anger...


I would like this as well. At least for music. I need to be able to play my music via player pro on my android device.


I'd like this as well. It's daft that the app simply doesn't sync music to the default Android "Music" folder, where any player could access it. You've already gotten our money for the app and the syncing ability, what exactly are you protecting here?


(me too) I have tried to sync twice now and keep getting the 99% error and I can't play local content.
This feature was the main reason I paid for PLEX.


Oh and..... "PLEX: High battery usage detected!" "PLEX HAS CONSUMED 11% OF YOUR BATTERY IN THE LAST HALF HOUR. That is just in the background not being used or syncing.