Which Plex App to Play 4K on QNAP TVS-682T



I have a QNAP TVS-682T on its way that I intend to use primarily as a Plex server and to direct play 4K movies to a 4K TV via HDMI out. On a previous QNAP I had for testing, I tried playing through Plex Media Server, Plex Media Player and Plex Open Home Theater. The TS-453B simply didn't have the horsepower. Hence the upgrade to the 682 beast.

My question is does anyone have any opinions or experience playing 4K directly via HDMI and which of the above listed Plex apps worked out best for you? Knowing what settings worked best would be appreciated as well. Any and all help is appreciated. Thanks...!


This section of the forum is dedicated to PMS and your question is related with OpenPHT and PMP.


I can move it to one of these other forums if you whish.


Yes. Please move. My error...