Windows 10 App minimizes and pauses when other windows are closed/minimized.



When I close or minimize other windows while a video is playing in the Windows 10 App, the playing video pauses and the window is closed.


I am having the same problem, although it happens whenever I click on any other windows, not just when minimizing or closing them. This is a real problem when trying to watch a movie on one monitor while working on another. I should note that this only happens when the Plex app is maximized.


I'm having this issue too, though it's intermittent. It's not very time I click on a window on my other screen, it seems to be happening randomly.

It's happening whenever I click on an icon on the plex forums website (see picture for icons next to user name)


Happens everytime i minimize the app. Has nothing to do with other apps. //kenifyable


I have the same issue whenever I launch a program from the task bar using the context menu.


This continues to be an issue. For me, what I’ve limited it down to is that if Plex sees another window on the same monitor as it is on top of it at all, it minimizes the window and pauses the playback. Some windows (Mailbird for example) when maximized overlap the next monitor over slightly, so anytime I activate it, my playback pauses. It would be nice to have an option to disable that function.