WoL Magic Packet sender?!



Loving Serenity, and posted this in the official Android Plex forum but thought it wouldn't hurt to request it here.. :)


I know this is an often requested feature (more from the PMS side I guess).. but here's a spin on it that may not have been asked for..   :)


Why not build a simple WoL magic packet sender into Serenity?  Given that people if people do want to wake up their plex servers from sleep, they'll

probably do all the power management configuration on the Server O/S side itself.. it's waking the thing up that could be a simpler process


i.e. it is a pain (albeit a smallish one) to have to dive into a separate app to send a WoL packet and then back into Serenity..


Would be cool to have a simple configurable feature to send a magic packet on start up for example... or a menu item

for manual packet sending on demand


whaddyathink?    :D


Can you open an issue at the GitHub tracking site.


That way it won't get lost and I can look into working on it.  If you have any programming skills, always willing to take a patch to enable the feature.


Issue opened (#226) :)  Couldn't label as an enhancement request - guess you have to do that.. Hopefully there's enough detail.. I pulled the configuration settings suggestions from the following simple app that I currently use


I'd love to be able to help, but I'm more of a C# & back-end dev so probably not that much use :(


Any joy on this? :)


Still on the list.


..any news?  :)


Nothing yet.  Day job has been keeping my busy so haven't done much at night with the code lately beyond some bug fixes.


Coming up on the anniversary of my original post.. any joy?! :)


Sorry, I'm just completely swamped with another project.  I'm always willing to take patches that implement this.  It is on my list to do, but haven't had much time to work on Serenity lately.