YouTube Agent - matching on name



Good day

I'm posting this here because I've not managed to make much progress through other channels.

I've created a fork of the YouTube Agent and attempted to make some changes in a branch called namematch.

You can access it here

The purpose of this is the following: I have a library containing music videos from YouTube... at least half of the library has files with names that** do not include the YouTube ID for the video**, however they are named exactly like the videos are named on YouTube.

I would like this agent to be able to catch these cases and pull the appropriate metadata.

The changes I have made make sense to me, however I don't seem to have any success with the Agent running in Plex... Plex is clearly not happy about something, but there's nothing meaningful in the logs to enable me to troubleshoot.

Absolutely any assistance getting this to work would be appreciated. :)


I played a little with it:
Working for me if title match 100%, do nothing if not complete match as otherwise pulls unrelated videos. using my API key so users don’t need to…

Please try my fork and feedback.