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Plex Media Player - Audio Visualizer

johanbadenhorstjohanbadenhorst Members, Plex Pass Posts: 2 Plex Pass

Hi Folks,

I've just replaced my front end player with a 4k enabled GPU, at long last (yay for me!).

HOWEVER! It seems that the new PMP is a bit limited to customization.
In this I mean, no option for addons.
In particular MilkDrop2 which I had on my PHT.

This is a game killer for me as I used to hypnotise my guests/kids/pets for hours!

Now I have to actually find good content to play them....

Any future plans to implement a decent audio visualizer (on par with itunes/winamp)?


  • tobiashietatobiashieta Plex Dev Team Members, Plex Employee, Plex Pass, Plex Ninja Posts: 5,524 Plex Employee

    It's not a feature that is requested that often, but I'll add it to the list.

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  • Wolf_666Wolf_666 Members, Plex Pass Posts: 478 Plex Pass

    I love that feature, too!

    - HTPC Intel NUC5i3RYH (Plex Media Player)
    - Firewall/Router pfSense 2.3.2 (Supermicro A1SRi-2558)
    - AP Netgear R7000 (Stock FW)
    - Switch Cisco SG350-10
    - NAS Synology DS1515+ 5 x 5TB SHR1 (Plex Media Server)
    - NAS Synology DS213+ 2 x 3TB JBOD

  • XechorizoXechorizo Members, Plex Pass Posts: 1 Plex Pass

    Echoing the thunderous support for this feature, specially in the Browser or Xbox 360 players!

  • NKnuspererNKnusperer Members, Plex Pass Posts: 2 Plex Pass
    edited June 18

    Any update on this?
    This would add so much value when playback music and have something interesting on the screen rather than just a static image.
    With projectM there already exist a Milkdrop compatible OpenGL powered implementation for Linux/Windows/Mac.

  • blaqcloudblaqcloud Members Posts: 129 ✭✭
    edited July 17

    @Xechorizo said:
    Echoing the thunderous support for this feature, specially in the Browser or Xbox 360 players!


    Something like this would mesmerize most guests at my house: Vizualizer

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