Plex Media Player - Audio Visualizer



Hi Folks,

I've just replaced my front end player with a 4k enabled GPU, at long last (yay for me!).

HOWEVER! It seems that the new PMP is a bit limited to customization.
In this I mean, no option for addons.
In particular MilkDrop2 which I had on my PHT.

This is a game killer for me as I used to hypnotise my guests/kids/pets for hours!

Now I have to actually find good content to play them....

Any future plans to implement a decent audio visualizer (on par with itunes/winamp)?


It's not a feature that is requested that often, but I'll add it to the list.


I love that feature, too!


Echoing the thunderous support for this feature, specially in the Browser or Xbox 360 players!


Any update on this?
This would add so much value when playback music and have something interesting on the screen rather than just a static image.
With projectM there already exist a Milkdrop compatible OpenGL powered implementation for Linux/Windows/Mac.


@Xechorizo said:
Echoing the thunderous support for this feature, specially in the Browser or Xbox 360 players!


Something like this would mesmerize most guests at my house: Vizualizer


Visualizer! Yes! How hard can it be?


I would also love this!!! I have also seen the projectM opensource api:


Everyone we know that uses Plex want this feature


Adding a "me-too!" as well. I miss projectM from XBMC/Kodi.. would love to see it back in PMP :smile:


This is a feature I would also like to see in the app. It's not much but I stream music from my server often and I miss being able to turn on a visualizer.


How about we focus on getting the thing working correctly and added the features it needs to function before we suggest a useless feature.


Regarding project M, this looks pretty much like a blocker:
(We'd have to force desktop GL on Windows, which would cause tons of problems.)
Not very promising from an integration point of view.

(Note that I don't know if we have any plans at Plex to support fancy visualization - I'm just looking at this from a technical point of view.)


I've been hoping someone would come up with something for this the whole time i've been using plex.


Please add this....Really something missing in Plex...


I'm planning to move my music over to Plex too (from Media Monkey). ** Would love this feature.** Is necessary to make a big code change or is it something you can just run in parallel (i.e. just kick off the process?) These are the options media monkey has I would be fine buying one of these if Plex could kick off and kill the process as needed. If I remember right G-force/SoundSpectrum just need some parameters passed to it at the command line like artist, song name etc.


This would really be a fantastic 'cherry on top' feature!


I can understand people love seeing a visualizer while playing music, but don't you agree most of them look tacky as hell?


I want to give my +1 for this feature as well. as long as it has a decent visualizer... most visualizers available through media player plugins (such as ProjectM are outdated and ugly)


+1 audio visualizers please