4K playback Direct Play Xbox one X



Hi Plex
I'm very tired of your issues, I had to buy an Nvidia Shield to play my 4k movies with HDR to have direct play without buffering messages.

When will you provide solution for us Xbox one X owners?



Preach!! I, too, am tired of the 4k playback issues!! Nothing but buffering and no passthrough?! We need a passthrough option for our hi-res receivers.


There was a fundamental platform issue that was identified and is currently holding up debugging the issue further. Microsoft is aware of the issue and hopefully a fix will be released to the insider preview within a few weeks.

This fix should alleviate most of the Xbox One stuck on buffering issues, but there isn't a way to tell what will happen before that fix lands.

For the Xbox One X specifically there appears to be a bug where the player throws an error and falls back to transcoding. This then leads to the constant buffering error. Because the app immediately goes into the constant buffering, tracking down the cause of the fallback is exceptionally difficult. But once the platform update lands should hopefully be a lot easier to determine as the developers will then be able to track the stream instead of getting stuck in the buffer loop as well.


I love Plex and Xbox One - I upgraded purely to the Xbox One X because Plex announced it could do 4K. This is so disappointing. 4K just stutters and moves to transcoding after a few mins.