Amazon Alexa In Canada




I just got my Alexa and apparently the Plex skill isn't released in Canada yet.

Is there a release date or plans to have it come to the Canadian store?




Yes, I’m in the same boat. Would love to have this skill working in Canada.


I was hoping it would be available first thing today seeing that today is the official Canadian release of Alexa, but no joy. :frowning:


Same here. That skill is essentially the reason I got an Echo…


me too!!! Not sure why Plex choosed to limit the skill to America. It’s weird since the Publishing section in the skill configuration is actually default to “all regions”…

anyhow, it’s just a matter of check “canada” in the countries list, like this:

anyone? pretty please?? :slight_smile:


One more vote for releasing the skill to Canada :smile:


Yeah… using Plex to play music was one of the main reasons I got an Echo, so I’d like to see the skill updated as well.


Please release the Alexa skill in Canada as soon as humanly possible. We need it up here.


As a Canadian Plex Pass Subscriber I think we deserve this one!


Here too please, my echo is a retarded blonde right now. The Canadian skill store sucks… No Plex, No Nanoleaf… argh.


Likewise, please release this skill to Canada. Plex + Echo is one of the main reasons why I purchased a plex pass.


I asked on Twitter and got a quick response. They said “We’re working hard to bring Plex to more Skill Stores, but no specifics to share right now.” I asked whether it was them just checking off the box to make it available, and the response was that it was more complicated than that.



Same here. I need that skill for Christmas !


Yep, I too am a plex pass subscriber and would appreciate having this skill available to use in Canada.


Same Here!!! I even want them to support Google Home :smiley: I just want to know why “Canadians” are the last to get updated!

Canadian “Prime Video, Apple store, Netflix, amazon etc… mehhhhhhhhhhhhhh” No DirectTV NO Sling NO Hulu no @!#@!#%… AND NO PLEX meanwhile for ALEXA !! LOL (I know we could use VPNs!!!)

We just have to move to US to get what we want!


What’s really irritating about it is that many of us had been using the Plex skill for Alexa for months only to have it suddenly disappear when Canada support is released.


Add me as another unhappy Canadian Plex Pass subscriber who is impatiently waiting for them to literally tick the box and allow the Plex skill to be used by Alexa in Canada.

Seriously…the English language is well…English. While words are certainly spelled different they’re usually pronounced the same. I can’t think of any valid or legitimate excuse as to why this isn’t working for us Canadians!


A Plex subscriber here as well, eagerly awaiting the Canadian enabling of this skill.


Add me to list of Plex pass holders requesting this. It worked fine under my US iTunes account right up until the Alexa app got released in the Canadian Store. Now it’s all messed up and no skills for Canada.


Added new feature request. Please Vote at