Amazon App Store Status



So I have been trying to roll out the 1.8.1 version to the Amazon App store for a couple of days now.  It passes all tests except for one.   It passes all Kindle related tests for tablets and the Fire TV, however the one test it fails, is the Android Non Kindle tests.  Why?   Because Amazon's offshore testing team can not read instructions.   I clearly state in the testing instructions that Phones are not supported and they need to test on a Tablet.  However they keep trying to test it on a Phone.


I've resubmitted the app again, however if they fail it again because they can't read instructions, then I'll have to remove the Android/Non-Kindle support from the Amazon app store.  The biggest consumer from the Amazon app store for the app are Fire TV owners anyways.  It is currently only behind the Google TV Sony NSG7/8 devices in daily usage.  


I hate to exclude a platform that I know works, because Amazon can't read instructions, but I may have no choice.  People can still get the app for Tablets from Google Play or download it for free from the project's web site, but I can't delay getting releases out to others because of Amazon's testing department.


Let me know if there are any objections to this or if this will majorly affect anybody.



1.8.1 is finally rolling out the the Amazon Apps store.   They finally got it tested on the correct device.   Sorry for the delay.  Hopefully when 1.8.2 is ready it won't take as long.


Glad to hear it all worked out, I read similar issues from "test teams" like this with other products throughout the forum here.

kind of makes you wonder how some of them ever got the job lol