Another Circle :(



I have searched the forums and the net and I still have my issue with the continuous spinning circle. I think I have spent about 8 hours over two days trying to sort it.

Plex works on my laptop and on my android device with cloud also. When I install the Xbox 360 app on the Xbox, it asks for a pin or sign in with ID/password. I have done both. When I enter the pin at I see that it has been accepted because that is when the circle starts but never ends. The same happens when I enter my log in details.

I see that this issue has been going on for a number of years and hope that it is a simple fix otherwise I may have to look for an alternative streamer.

Dont know if this log helps

"scheme": "https",
"address": "",
"uri": "",
"testState": "connected",
"isBundled": false,
"isFallback": false,
"relay": false,
"isPossiblyCrossNetworkProtected": false,
"isUntested": false,
"isPending": false,
"isConnected": true,
"isUnauthorized": false,
"isUnavailable": false,
"isFailed": false,
"isAborted": false,
"isLoopback": false,
"isPrivate": false,
"isHttps": true,
"isSecure": true,
"isPlexDirect": false,
"currentTest": null,
"sources": [


I get the following information

Fully accessible outside your network
You can access this server from signed-in Plex apps or in a browser at

IP settings are different. Is this normal? Everything seems to work except for the Xbox and it is this that I need working. Will try my sons xbox one tomorrow.

Private 123.456.7.88 : 32400 Public 45.678.10.12 : 18291


OK. Waited for the son to go to college so I could venture into his pit room. Everything is working as it should and has a nice selection of movies showing and playing without issues.

So I have now come down to the 360, did the eact same thing to that and “hey presto”, nothing :frowning:

What is wrong/ Is it the app itself??