Apple TV 3rd Gen



I have the apple tv 3rd version, Is there to get plex on it. Please help, Thanks.


You're already on the forums for that. Read the post labeled "READ BEFORE POSTING"


Unlike other Plex clients, PlexConnect cannot be installed in the playing device (in this case the ATV3). It must be installed on another, separate, machine, and serve multiple ATV2/3. The only piece of code to be installed in the ATV3 is a security certificate so that the ATV3 "thinks" that it is connected to an authorized server.

PlexConnect can be installed on the same machine where PMS is installed, on any Synology NAS (probably this is the easiest way to install PlexConnect), or in almost any other machine where Python 2.7.x can be installed.


Hi, are their instructions on how one might do this with their Gen 3 Apple TV?


All is there :