ARE YOU IGNORING US? [Vizio][Plex][DevOps]




You don't seem to have a streamlined support channel, other than for your precious billing issues. I know money is important, but so is your company's reputation. The quality of your service, or the customer's perception thereof, is reliant on your ability to solve application issues. Maybe your business isn't yet mature enough to conduct problem management (prevention of recurring issues) and I understand that. But.... you really should monitor your support channels for pattern recognition and listen to your customer base that uses Vizio smart televisions - as one of yours truly, I'd like to let you know that you have an application problem and an IT Operations/Service Management issue in your organization.

Putting your organizational issues aside, I'd like to voice an issue with the PlexTV application my Vizio Smart TV uses to connect to my Plex Media Server. Many others have voiced this in your forums over the past few years, but I was unable to find any with identified solutions. Several of us are having issues with movie trailers shutting down our televisions shortly after playback. Several of us are also having issues with thumbnails not showing up on the library selection screens - although I can play the library item just fine.

I/We do not have this issue on other devices connected to our servers. I have many smart devices in my home, all of which don't have these issues.

What's going on here?
Do you have knowledge of this issue? Are you addressing it?
Do you understand the scale and scope of the issue?
Is this an application layer issue, or a physical layer issue with the manufacturer of the television component?

Can you share with us your analysis from the root-cause investigation?