Vizio Smart TV




I have been using Plex for quite some time on my pc, mac and tablet with no issues. I love the service! I just bought a Vizio Smart TV and downloaded the Plex App (PLEX for Yahoo Connected TV). The app works great. The only issue is that I am having is with the thumbnail images. On all my devices they show up correctly, but on the new TV, they appear once I install the app, but disappear right after, and I am left with blank images (see image HERE I have searched forums and tried troubleshooting, but I cannot figure it out?

Please help


Is this ever going to be resolved? I have several Vizio Smart Tvs and they all have the exact same issue. Everything shows up through my other devices without any issues.


Mine just started doing this, too.


My Vizio TV's Plex app has just started doing this as well. It's already had a problem with shutting my tv down while showing trailers. It's a good thing my PlayStation can show the thumbnails and play trailers. What's going on here Plex? Your app developers need to pay some attention to your Vizio TV app.