ARMv5, PowerPC, and ReadyNAS ROS4 no longer supported starting with Plex Media Server



Starting with Plex Media Server, Plex Media Server will no longer be available for ARMv5- or PowerPC (PPC)-based NAS devices or those running ReadyNAS OS 4 (ROS4). Models using those processors are generally very limited in their capabilities as a Plex server (they can't transcode, for instance) and as we update features and build technologies, it sometimes becomes impractical for us to support particular legacy platforms. This is one of those cases.

To be clear: Plex Media Server will no longer support ARMv5, PowerPC, or ROS4 devices on version and newer.

The devices can continue running the 0.9.16.x version of Plex Media Server. You can find a list of affected devices in this support article.

(Note: is not available at this time of writing. This announcement is to provide users with advanced notice.)