Automatically update libraries


Not sure if this is the correct forum but I figured I’d ask.
I find that plex does not add media to the library immediately even if it is setup to watch the directory folders.
I had to set up a twice daily scan to catch new media but that does not help me when all I have is my phone and I’v just added media buy an automated process.
In these situations I have to find a PC and log in to force a library scan. If I’m not at home… that poses a problem.

I’d like to request that the android and IOS apps be given the ability to force a scan on a selected library when logged on with an account that has those privileges. The same as you can do when logged on with a web browser. It would save me a ton of time.



Plex has an option to monitor the media folders and if there are any changes detected, it automatically does a scan.
The option for that is Settings>Server>Library. The specific option I’m talking about are the top two, “Update my library automatically” and “Run a partial scan when changes are detected”. I have the partial selected, and rarely need to wait more than 5 minutes for media to be added by my server.


Yes… I have this set. It worked for a while (a few months ago,) and now it does not. My files are on a NAS and the Plex server is running on a Virtual Machine.

Having the option to re-scan from my phone would help me immensly.


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