Can music on my Plex server be played through the Alexa Echo speaker?



I can't find anything that definitively states whether or not there is a way to actually HEAR my Plex music content on the Echo speaker. Does it only support CONTROL of Plex media files?


Amazon Echo, Echo Dot, and Tap devices can be used to communicate with Alexa, however at this time they can’t be used for playback themselves. We hope this will be a reality in the near future.



@aschuett said:
Amazon Echo, Echo Dot, and Tap devices can be used to communicate with Alexa, however at this time they can’t be used for playback themselves. We hope this will be a reality in the near future.

It is “possible” to playback through Echo devices. Since the Echo is a Bluetooth speaker all you need to do is arrange the audio from Plex to pass through a Bluetooth transmitter and pair that transmitter with your Echo. That is a less than optimal solution for many but it does work.

BTW: Of course Echo devices can communicate with “Alexia” since “Alexia” is basically the Echo device’s operating system. I think what you meant is that the Echo hardware using Alexia can communicate with Plex. I have tried it and REALLY wanted it to work but I found it so buggy as to make it nearly unusable most of the time.

It is often that a simple phrase like “Alexia tell Plex to press pause” will cause some random totally unrelated video or audio to start and then you have to grab a remote and jump through hoops to get back to what you were watching.

The Plex/Alexia integration is barely one step removed from junk and it does more harm than good to my viewing experience.

If you have a Harmony hub the Alexia/Harmony integration is VASTLY superior in Plex control but just will not start a program by name.


I vote for this feature as well. Kinda makes my Plex media server useless when all I can do with Alexa is voice control the PC. (Actually I have the QNAP NAS). Although how much of this is Amazon’s fault for not offering DLNA or iTunes server support, I don’t know. Seems the only way to play music to listen on the Echo, on a NAS/server with Amazon Alexa is to pay Amazon to upload to the cloud and go from there.

Hopefully the Plex folks can figure this out. I mean if the Echo can play music from the Prime account, it shouldn’t need bluetooth integration to play from the Plex media server running on the QNAP NAS or other device. (But then again maybe Amazon hasn’t exposed the necessary APIs or Protocols to do this).

May get a Google Home and see if it’s any better.


From what I understand, Amazon needs to enable push before this can happen. So if that is the case then Plex cannot do anything until Amazon does their part.


looks like amazon has allowed audio streaming since 2016 ->


Any ETA on when this will be implemented for plex served audio files?


@labashosky2010 said:
looks like amazon has allowed audio streaming since 2016 ->

This right here. It seems that Plex hasn’t tried this or it doesn’t work as it is right now. Otherwise, why wouldn’t they? The only acceptable answer is: they are or it’s in development. Not: we’ll look into it or have nothing planned.


Yesterday, Plex was playing directly from my Amazon Echo after previously playing only through the tablet on which the plex instance was running (i.e., the expected behavior). I got very excited, hooked up the Echo to some speakers, and enjoyed about 20 minutes of music from Plex playing directly through Alex – which allowed me to control the volume of the music with voice commands.

Alas, I got curious and changed the music selection on my tablet to see what would happen. Music stopped playing through Alexa and I couldn’t get it to play directly through Alexa again. Super strange, but maybe a sign of things to come?


You really, really need to get this to play music through AMAZON ALEXA ECHO and DOT and not just through plex connected devices.


This would be super


I agree. This seems overdue.


Really could use this!


A least an ETA would be nice.


Plex does not give ETA’s


You could pair the tablet with the Echo over Bluetooth and use the tablet as a controller, and Echo as the speaker. A workaround at best.


Yup! Just launched.


confirmed. “Alexa ask plex to shuffle playlist ‘good music’

Thanks plex devs!!!


I spoke too soon. It plays about 3/4 of the way threw the first song then stops (Amazon Show with Plex Server

@vanstinator is there anything (logs) I can send you to see if this is fixable?

[UPDATE] upgraded to Plex Server and so far it hasn’t stopped.


I’ve seen a few instances in the logs where the AVS (alexa voice service) tries to seek to a negative offset. It seems to be a rare occurrence. For now just say Alexa, Play and it should pick up again and resume your playqueue. I’ll file an internal issue to look at this.