Can Plex be forced to use only embedded meta data?


I process my files initially with MetaX. It almost always does a great job of finding and embedding meta data for movies, super easy, no hair-pulling. But Plex seems to ignore most of the meta data embedded by MetaX and instead tries to find everything on its own with far less success. Is there a way to disable all of the Plex agents searching external databases and instead force Plex to use the correct data already embedded by MetaX? Plex's local agent does not seem to be able to recognize most of the meta data embedded by MetaX. I like both products, both are wonderful at their primary function, I just wish I could get them to work together doing what each does best. And one more thing, even when Plex does find the right meta data sometimes it seems to get squirrely and overwrite correct data with a mess later on during library updates, another reason I would like to just disable the Plex external agents. Thanks!


For video files, Plex can only read many metatags from mp4/m4v files.
(for tv series, it probably fails at reading the overall series descriptions, but episode data should get through).

You can try this:
install the .nfo importer agents
They will read the metadata from a .nfo file, if present.
Set your library(s) to use the 'XBMC importer' agent (edit the library, on the 'Advanced' tab)
Go to Settings - Server - TV Shows - XBMCnfoimporter
and make sure that the line 'Local Media Assets' has a checkmark and is positioned on top
Do the same under
Settings - Server - Movies - XBMCnfoimporter
here, click on the small 'cogwheel' icon at the end of the line 'XMBCnfoMoviesImporter'
and check 'Disable local media support'
as well as 'Enable trailer support'

The above changes will only affect newly added items.
If you want to change existing items, perform the 'Fix Match' procedure with these and use 'Search Options' to switch to the nfo importer agent.
If you want to switch all existing items over to the new agent (only do this after testing it thoroughly!), simply delete the library and recreate it.


Thanks! I see that MetaX can automatically create the .nfo file so this should solve the problem. I am using almost all mp4 files by the way, not sure why Plex can't find the meta data. At least some of it does show up in Windows, for example Windows displays all the posters perfectly, genre, rating, writers, etc.


If you set up the library as explained above, and then perform the Plex Dance with one of your existing series, it should show up, with metadata from the embedded tags and missing stuff filled in from .nfo files.