Can we have this Feature? > Set delay on video playback to allow audio format change at reciever...



Audio at the beginning on many of my titles is cut off as my receiver changes from one audio format to another.

For example, when using navigation , you hear the navigation clicks, but when starting playback of a DTS-MA title, it takes about 1.5 - 2 seconds to kick in. This causes the viewer to lose any audio that played during that time.

Please allow users to set a value in seconds (or better yet, 1/2 seconds) to start a title, and pause at frame 1 for the duration of this setting. This would allow each of us to set a delay for however long our gear takes to be ready to play.

I would like this setting to be "inheritable" to a whole franchise of episodes, and also settable globally and at the individual title.

There would be a hierarchy of course...
OpenPHT Global delay setting is overridden by TV Series delay setting, which would be overridden by any delay set on the individual title. (which works on movies)

This problem is really annoying and easily avoidable with this delay setting.



Unless I'm mistaken we can already set a delay before video playback starts.


@"Stewie Griffin" said:
Unless I'm mistaken we can already set a delay before video playback starts.

Okay, so... it's obvious i don't know about this. Can you elaborate?


@sniper_x said:

@"Stewie Griffin" said:
Unless I'm mistaken we can already set a delay before video playback starts.

Okay, so... it's obvious i don't know about this. Can you elaborate?

I'm not at my home right now so I can't tell you exactly where it is but going by memory if you look in preferences>advanced settings there is an option to set a delay before playback starts. If it's not in advanced settings it's in one of the other sub menus.

I've used it for an old tv that took a couple of seconds to respond to a refresh rate change


I looked everywhere, and started to assume that perhaps the menu entries were not "worded" connectly in some cases so I played with "Skip Delay", "Sync playback to display", etc...

None of those were it either.

I see this delay option nowhere. :(


By the way, Nor is it "Pause during refresh rate change".

That wouldn't be what I want in any case, the refresh rate change isn't required for most displays today.


@sniper_x said:
"Pause during refresh rate change".

This is the setting I'm thinking about. Does this not allow your equipment the time needed to switch to the correct audio setting?



I'm not changing video refresh rates. This needs to be a feature created to account for delays in various AV setups as a new audio stream is started. These things take time and right now the only way I can think of is to pad the front of each video file with black/silence.

which is madness and I'm not going to alter my files. :(


Ok, apologies for wasting your time. I hope someone from the OpenPHT team chimes in with a solution for you

You can always post a request on GitHub too


it wasn't a waste, I'll post this there as well. thanks!


here is my thoughts, since you asked

i really dont find the second or less the amp takes to switch to the correct mode any problem at all when i start playback on, i dont feel like anything of any importance gets missed during that time

a hierarchy of configurable delays seems rather silly..


The audio delay is indeed a serious thing.
In fact the developers already believe this is a serious thing.

The developers placed a setting of "Pause during refresh rate change" in the system for this very type of issue.
The hierarchy of delays is avoidable if there is a global setting like that one (e.g. "Pause during audio stream change").

Perhaps they simply didn't think to account for pausing audio stream change.

The detection of this change and adding a pause for it is likely VERY similar to the code for the refresh rate changes.

I also try to avoid making assumptions about how important it is that people can hear the start of their videos.
It's important to remember that we all place TONS of effort into building, grooming and tweaking these media server platforms for a reason.

I hope accounting for audio switching is implemented soon.


Those "Pause During refresh rate change" settings are ported from Kodi. Most likely the OpenPHT team would not implement a new feature like this, especially with hierarchy settings for individual media groupings. We're a small volunteer team and the developers time is extremely limited.

I see you've made this feature request at the OpenPHT github page already. You might want to request this at the Kodi upstream project fork as well. If they implement it there, it's most likely to be implemented in OpenPHT, as we're downstream from that project.


After much frustration with this issue, I'm getting desperate.
Now all my extras like Deleted scenes are getting the first second or two clobbered as the audio stream kicks n on the receiver.

How about this..

Is there a process where a user can place some instruction in a folder (XML File?) or something that would allow me to place a command (or series of commands) that applies when i start a video clip - including a TV show or movie?

Here is the way I hope this can work...
1) You create a file with some command(s) in it that will execute each time the video is restarted or played.
2) This command will play the video stream, but jump back by x seconds or frames first.

This would allow the player to start or restart the video, but then it plays for "X" seconds of frames and then jump back by "X" seconds or frames. By doing this, the audio switching delay can be accounted for without losing the first part of sentences.

Even if i can only get this to apply to the first start of a title, then that's fine.


Did you ever find a solution to this? I have this issue and it drives me bonkers. My delay is 5-7 seconds!