Can you specify libraries to show in PHT? Or specify a server?



I currently have my regular media server, and then I have my cloud server on Google Drive. My cloud server is specifically so that my parents can stream plex from their house without killing my bandwidth. I wanted to know if there was a way of having openPHT only show the content of my local Plex server. It's odd to have all of my libraries doubled (2 sets of movies, 2 sets of TV shows, 2 sets of family photos). I just discovered openPHT, and I've missed PHT's interface, but right now, PMP seems to be more practical, since it allows for that seperation of libraries. I didn't have this issue with the original PHT because I only used the one media server before.


I think if you specify the server manually, and tell it not to search for plex servers.

in preferences
manually specify server
and set the IP


You can't block out any of your own server from the owner account if you touch Plex's authentication at all. Not authenticating through Plex can add complications you probably don't want to deal with. The best method is to setup another Plex account for your own viewing (apart from the server's account), and share only the local server with it.