Cannot see files on network connected drive



Hi, i have the plex server running on Nvidia Shield with files located on a network attached drive. The setup was working fine but stopped working all of a sudden. I can no longer see or access content of the network drive from the plex app. The drive shows no folders when i try to add a folder to a plex playlist (like movies or tv shows). What could be the reason?


Found a way to get around this. It seems to be an issue with Nvidia shield. I have to restart for this to work again. Not sure if its the media server app on shield or shield itself. For now this seems to be working


This is the Shield going into standby and powering off- I had the same issue with mine.

What you need to do is google how to get into developer mode (I can't remember exactly how) and then from there, in the settings, turn the power management to always on / disable sleep (I don't remember the exact setting but you can find it easily enough).

After that, you should not have that particular problem ever again.