Cant access PlexPy from another computer



I had to install PMS on a new machine (fresh install). And with that, i also installed PlexPy again.

But now i cant access PlexPy from my workstation thru the browser (same LAN).
I had no such problems when it was installed on the old hardware.

The difference now is that PlexPy is installed on Windows Server 2012 R2 in a VM (Hyper-V) instead of on a mac mini.

Anyone has any ideas on why i cant access it?

If i remote (RDP) to the server i have no problems accessing PlexPy thru the browser there.


Ok, so i found out that its the Windows Firewall that is blocking access.
Anyone know which application to allow for it to work?

EDIT: guess i was a little to quick to ask. it was the pythonw.exe that needed to be added to windows firewall rules.