CCTV - IPCAM/Analog Home Security with R PI3




I am building a home security system using Rasberry PI, Can an you please help me fix the following situations

Problem Case 1:

I was trying to process the IP CCTV CAM(HIK VISION) video live stream inside R PI 3(Ubuntu Mate 16.04 & OpenCV 2.4) using Ethernet cable, I am able to get the video stream, but its very very slow(at least a five minute lag). Can you please enlighten me to understand the reason?

Problem Case 2:

I was trying to process analog CCTV Camera(HIK VISION) video live stream video live stream inside R PI 3(Ubuntu Mate 16.04 & OpenCV 2.4), but here, since I was told both DVR and R PI needed to be in the same network(Meaning: Similar IP Address), I had connected the DVR feed to wifi modem and I took the output feed from wifi modem to R PI 3, Please correct me, If this approach is wrong, as its very slow but working

Please also suggest me, If I need to change my approach in both the cases




(1) Do you even use Plex? There is nothing in your description indicating Plex is used somewhere in the chain :slight_smile:
(2) Are you able to use some hardware acceleration (e.g. via OpenGL) on your Pi in OpenCV 2.4? The CPU in the Pi is much too slow to perform live video processing / conversion --> huge delay.

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Reviewing the OP does not assert or imply any connection to Plex.

The author is requested to create a new thread explaining how this is related to his Plex server.

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