CONSTANT Dashboard load issue



I have a LOT of content, over 21 thousand movies, 1200+ complete TV programs, 100+ Tb of music, and EVERY time I load up, I have to hit retry over and over again until the dashboard loads. I have this all on Drobo B1200i machines in perfect order mapped to the machine plex server is on, and the machine it is on has 64gb RAM and a M.2 Samsung pro 512gb drive with a core i7 processor. My machines are MORE than capable of doing everything WAY faster than the software needs and everything comes up in a snap EXCEPT for plex. can you guys PLEASE fix this?!?! There is no way to talk to a real human to fix this or any other issue and that is really annoying considering I PAID for the lifetime subscription.


100Tb of music?
At 3mb per song is about 35 million songs ! + your movies and tv shows

If that is the case I am not surprised Plex is having issues!

Ask Spotify or Apple what they use!


May I suggest Manually Optimize the database

Verify the database is set for automatic maintenance in Settings - Server - Scheduled Tasks and the server is on during that time (I assume it is but am verifying just in case)

Which i7 processor is in use? Has the PMS database (your metadata) been moved to the SSD