Custom channel development - would like to add SRT subtitles but don't know how.



Hi all, I am very new to Plex channel development, having just taken over coding our channel after our old channel stopped working a couple weeks back.

One thing I'm trying to do while taking over the code is to fix it up and make it better than before. And one thing I'd really like to do is add our .SRT subtitles to the Plex channel.

When I click a video in our channel, I see "SUBTITLES None" so I imagine it must be possible, but I do not know where to start.

Of course, I imagine I'll need to put a reference to the SRT file within my RSS source where applicable, but not sure what I need to do to make it actually use that variable within the Plex channel.

I would greatly appreciate if some folks with more experience than me (wouldn't take much!) could take a boo for me.

I can create a new RSS value cat5tv:srt which will be the URL to the SRT file, if applicable (not all shows will have it).

THANKS in advance. Making our channel more accessible would be a wonderful thing!



AFAIK, Channel framework sadly doesn’t support subs :frowning:


Aww, I’m sad to hear that. Though curious why it would show “SUBTITLES None” in that case? That really makes me feel like it must have it somewhere? I just can’t find any documentation to add it.


@TheFergs said:
I just can’t find any documentation to add it.

Due to the fact, that it can’t be done, sorry


K. So… I guess I’ll submit my channel as is then :slight_smile: I think I’ve done all I can to make it as great as I can :stuck_out_tongue: