Disable all slide-out / submenus and scroll bars



Hey folks. I'm trying to set up a VERY simple media server for my 92 year old, easily confused father.

I've explored all three RasPlex skins options and I think he could manage the Black Edition. However, I think I'd need to disable all of the slide-out submenus (at all levels). I'd also like to disable the possibility of him moving the focus to the scroll bar, where he'd likely lose it.

I would be setting him up with a Logitech Harmony Hub and remote, so I don't need to worry about any random keypresses.

I would appreciate any insights on how I might accomplish this - if it's even possible. I'd be willing to do some xml editing if that is practical on this platform (although I'm far from an expert).



Well you can check the left side menu xml for some examples of how to disable some options for users without login information (if you are using plex pass) and use that label information for hiding options. It would be a matter of just creating your own custom skin.

If you check this left menu you will see that only a user with log in information can do other things than switch user. I don't have an example here but I have made some changes there to limit what users could do


Thanks for the pointer. I did some additional research and was able to disable components as I desired.