Does Plex allow duplicate movies?


I have 2 movies: Titanic and Titanic 3D.
I give them name Titanic (1997) and Titanic (1997) 3D.
When I search Plex Media Server, only one movie shows up.
How do I make them both available on the server?


Go to the pre-play screen and under the dots use the Split function for Merged items. You’ll have two separate movies you can assign different artwork/descriptions for.

Plex will still mishandle the playing of these items - when you play one Plex thinks you’re playing both of them and they’ll both show up in Continue Watching. On the other hand, if you leave them Merged, you’ll need to select the Version you want at Playback Time, but you’ll only have one item (with the Blue 2) in Continue Watching.

Pick your poison.