Drobo incorrect notification about update



The Drobo dashboard constantly throws its red popup message that I have an app (Plex) that needs updating. I know how to update it manually - and it is currently up to date with the most current version but the dashboard doesn't seem to know it. I assume that its tied into the fact that you can't update it directly through the dashboard. Is there something that can me manually edited to stop the incorrect notification?


Its a tough one…for sure


Anyone figured this out yet? I am having the same issue and don’t want to turn ALL messages from Drobo off, that would be dangerous. Any way to stop the plex server messages only?


I’m having the same issue. I can successfully update Plex manually, but the Drobo dashboard reports an update is needed. Any workaround or fix coming for this?


Figure I’ll bump this back up again - see if anyone has learned anything.


Hi, this appears to be an issue with the way the DroboApps part of the Drobo checks for updates. If the installed version is newer than the version on their DroboApps “store” then it reports an update is available because the local and store version numbers don’t match.

I’ll see if there is something we can do differently, but I have also seen this with other apps that have been updated to a version greater than the DroboApps store version.


Same problem … Standing by for resolution.


Same here. And then can’t access the thing without returning to SMB-1. What’s a better NAS appliance out there?? Or should I go Cloud?