DVD quality video stuttering/ HD plays fine



I purchased an NVIDIA Shield TV about a month ago with the intention of using it to play my existing PLEX media. I have a PLEX media server set up on a Linux server on the same network as the NVIDIA Shield TV and the Shield TV PLEX app is connected to that server. I have used MakeMKV to rip all of my Blu-ray and DVD videos to MKV files and store them on the server.

When I play back my content pulled from Blu-ray discs I have no problem. They play as smooth as they would off the disc. But when I play back videos pulled from my DVD collection they stutter as if dropping frames. I've researched the topic quite a lot and I've tried what I can to make it work. I've adjusted the HVEC h264 level and set all streaming qualities to maximum or original in the app but there is no change.

I have all of my apps up to date and I keep the server up to date as well. I don't know if there's something I need to change on the server side but none of the transcoding settings I seem to change make much of a difference. Is there an issue with the PLEX app on the NVIDIA Shield, the server, or is this a known issue that you can't get around? And if so is there any way to bring it to the attention of the developers so we can get to s resolution? I saw they removed the option to disable direct play/direct stream. Is there any way to get through to the developers? All of the topics I've seen in the forums seem to go ignored and I'd like to be able to get through to somebody to help.