DVR transcoding stalls at "100% Recorded"



Last week, I've started to move from using an EyeTV recording OTA shows on my Mac to using the Plex DVR with an HDHomeRun on FreeNAS (still OTA). I've had a couple of problems, one that eventually had me restart Plex. I wish I had captured images, but will describe what I can.

After a few days of DVR with a lot of items on the schedule, I noticed no new recordings were showing up. When I went to the Recording Schedule screen, there were 1 show on the previous day and 8ish shows on this day listed with a red dot and circle (if I recall correctly). It wasn't the in-progress indicator, so I guessed it was the transcoder. Clicking on one of these described the show with something like "recorded" or "record complete".

After clicking around the GUI and trying to play something on my iPhone (couldn't play anything), Plex started have problems. The Recording Schedule screen would no longer update, only showing a message that there was a problem.

I logged into FreeNAS and saw there were two transcodes in process, one being the first show with the icon I didn't recognize.

In the end, I restarted Plex, which took an extra long time to come up, but flushed the shows that were in this state and started working normally again.

My FreeNAS CPU is aging, so I suspect Plex was trying to transcode too much at one time for it. Under Plex -> Settings -> Server -> Transcoder, I changed "Transcoder quality" from Automatic to "Prefer Higher Speed Encoding" and "Maximum simultaneous video transcode" from 4 to 1.

Is there anything else I should tweak? Is there anything else I could've done to recovered and not lose recordings?

Edit: renamed Title to better reflect the issue


The symbol was the 100% recording mark as shown in the image.

I may have come across something else trying to figure this out. As the first image shows, “Forces of Nature” is 100% recorded, but is not done. “top” and “ps” shows the DVR recording is being transcoded.

I have Optimization Settings to convert recorded shows. On the Conversion screen, the “Sewing with Nancy” show’s conversion is in progress. I clicked the Conversion’s [Pause] button. Checking “top”, the “Forces of Nature” transcode process dropped to 0% CPU, while the conversion process kept going.

Its a reach, but perhaps the original problem was that optimization conversions take priority over DVR transcodings, so those processes were essentially starved.

Still digging…


I’ve been having this issue for a while.


enabled Transcoding in my DVR, now I'm getting this as well.


+1, me as well
Except I get a bunch of other weird things too, like I'll get this problem and if I don't notice it the transcoder stops working in general. Outlined here:


I am having the same issue without using the transcoding as it is recording function. Has anyone found a solution to this?


So after I updated to 1.81 and it has seemed to fix the issue of being stuck at 100%


I’ve had it reoccur with and I lost 4-5 days of recordings on the last one. Another example is shown in the image; I’m not sure, but think that one was with 1.8.1.


I'm seeing this as well with my server running on Linux capturing recordings from an HDHomeRun Connect. There are currently 17 shows over the last three days that are stuck at "Recording - 100% complete". They don't yet appear in the DVR library because Plex is apparently doing some final processing on them. I could restart the server, but I'm afraid I'd lose those recordings.

Is there a way to force the recordings to finish so I don't lose them?


Restarting does lose the stuck recordings. I've also tried manually killing the stuck transcoder process, but that didn't work, either. The recent release,, has a fix for a transcoder deadlock. I've not read the details, but hopefully it addresses this problem.


Every upgrade I do fixes the issue for the first few days but then it starts happening again. I'm currently on 1.9.0 and had a dozen shows in a row at 100%


Same for me... once a recording gets stuck at "recording 100% complete" all subsequent recordings have the same issue until I restart (and I lose the recordings). The problem did not go away for me after I upgraded to Media Server My tuner is an HDHomeRun Extend by the way.

This is a newer issue for me though. It might be coincidence, but I did not have this issue until after the Live TV feature was added to the AFTV in early September. Before that, I had many months of [mostly] issue-free DVRing. I feel like the problem has often (or always) occurred sporadically after I watch a program via Live TV that is also a scheduled recording in the DVR. The ability to watch a DVRed show while it is still recording is a key enhancement for me (I'm not sure if that's even supported), but I can't help but wonder if it's related to the issue.


Sorry, didn't realize this was a FreeBSD topic. My issue is on the Windows server.


I'm on OS X.. btw I changed my settings to not transcode at all and keep the original settings, and I'm still experiencing the issue.


Any Fix on this problem or any support? I have been having exactly what is described really, getting frustrated. Thanks for any help that i get.


+1 for me on both NAS and Nvidia Shield. Wife is not happy with Fall TV starting.

Running with HDhomerun connect primarily on a WD PR4100 NAS, but it also happens when using Shield as the server.


Same issue. Fresh install of Ubuntu & Plex version

Recordings stall at 100%.


For me, I don't have transcoding explicitly, but since the change to mkv format files from the native TS files, there is always a "transcoding" step whether I want one or not.

From my experience the transcoding step is buggy and hangs. I would like to move back to no transcoding by default, or at least have a mechanism of "rescuing" hung recordings.

I just lost 3 days of recording to this, and I was on plex server 1.7 something or other. I'm going to try a newer version, but until they stop transcoding by default, I don't think this will be fixed.


Same issue here running 1.8.3 on OSX. Also anybody else notice that on the IOS app it show weird % values


Same issue here even after upgrading to 1.9.1. Works one day then next day all recordings get hung up at 100%.
Rebooted my NAS and all shows disappeared but about an hour later 2/6 are now in the Recorded Show Folder.