Embedded subtitles in MKV not playing on ATV 3



I recently bought a used ATV 3 more or less exclusively for PlexConnect purposes :) And it's working great with one little snag. I have some MKV videos with embedded subtitles, and I can't figure out how to get them to show up on PlexConnect. Plex itself handles them just fine, I can get them to show up if I play the video through the PMS web app.

I've selected the SRT file on the video landing page in PlexConnect, and I've also played with the transcoder action and subtitle settings, to no avail. PMS and PlexConnect are most recent versions. Any ideas?


Sample file requested via PM.


I’d love to know how this was resolved (if it was). I am having the same problem


I don’t remember having received any sample video file to test. Can you pls send me one to test ? See PM.