embedding the HTML5 player on a web page or website ? is it possible to do ?



Hello, I have just re-installed Plex Media Server and wanted to know if it is at all possible to embed the HTML 5 player onto a website or webpage at all ?. this would make it much easier for my self cause i use PLEX for more then one application. I use it to show Customers/Clients my work IE Fixing and Coding Android boxes with Custom code lines etc. i run plex server from home and need to know if this an option. i really don't think my Customers/Clients want to make another account to just watch my demonstration videos.

Thanks, Mike.


@PennStateTV I may be wrong, but I think you'll find it much easier to upload the video clips to Youtube or something. I mean, what you want is possible, but Plex isn't really designed for that kind of use and will present you with unnecessary challenges.