[Feature Request] Plexamp on multiple Desktops


I mostly use Plexamp at work where I heavily utilize multiple desktops on Windows 10, switching between them with Mod4+tab. My only usability issue with Plexamp is the fact that double-clicking on the system icon tray does not open the Plexamp window. I saw this post and have been able to work around my issue my changing from nihilisht to other sizes.

The soft phone I use, Slack, Discord, etc, all allow for closing the window to minimize the program to the system tray, and double-clicking the icon on a new desktop will restore the window on the current desktop. As it stands, pausing music before making a call really disrupts the workflow. Is there any plan to add this kind of interaction with the system tray icon in the future?

Barring that, is there any way I can set a global play/pause key combo involving a modifier key and space, similar to the global volume key combos?


If you keyboard has a multimedia keys (play/pause/etc), then they work globally for applications on all desktops. If you don’t have such keys, then try to emulate it with some software…