Feature Request: Short Films



There is one category of film which often gives me headaches when trying to organise it in Plex: short films. By short films I mean almost anything that is not feature film or TV series: short experimental, essay and documentary films, music videos, clips, performances etc.

I have more then 500 short films including films by Stan Brakhage, Bruce Conner, Kenneth Anger, Bill Viola, Richard Kern, Michael Snow etc. Almost all of these authors made only short films, a lots of them... and most of them don't have official covers.
So, making separate movie type library for short films is must if I want to avoid mixing hundreds of these titles (as I said most of them without covers and some of them less than 5 minutes in length) with all these classic movies, genre movies with nice covers and fanart you can scrape from movie agents. But I was not really happy with how it looks in separate movie type library, so I started using TV Shows type of library...

First, I had to rename all media files using plex guide for TV shows organizing so TV shows type of library could recognize them. Now I have authors/directors shown as would TV shows would and shorts are shown as episodes. I really like that and it has much more sense. This way while browsing in clients I can directly browse authors (shown as would TV shows would) , I have info about them and list of their films in a way just like you would browse some TV Show. I am much happier with organising short films this way but it has its shortcomings which are not problematic but are inconvenient:

  1. You have to add metadata all by yourself. You can't scrape episodes separately as movies (as far as I know)
  2. You can't avoid or change 'Seasons'
  3. As I have said before you will have to rename media files to be shown in TV Shows

Still, for me, it nicer and still more convenient then using movie type library so I'm sticking with it.

This all led me to think what would really my request for short films had to be to solve this "problems" and at same time to make sense within Plex. I have no solution but would be happy if there could be 'switch' within tv shows type library or separate type of library with similar structure (maybe within Home Videos?) which would allow to title something instead 'Seasons' and possibility of scraping 'episodes'. If somebody has ideas, please...

I really hope I am not alone with this because I find this important for every serious cinema buff who wants to use Plex to organize media.


examples how it looks now:


EXCELLENT question!!! I'm surprised no one has followed up with this! I too have a similar problem, and found your post while searching for a solution. Have you come up with any satisfactory solutions up to now?

I had considered the idea of moving my multiple short film anthologies to its own library within the tv section, but am hesitant because the Movie Database is actually finding most of the metadata...the thought of manually inputting all this data makes me somewhat crazy, but my OCD craves a better solution...!

For now, I have my individual films (alas, some less than 5 minutes long...) listed as their own movie, and then I group them into a "Collection". Not a clean (or user friendly) solution, but it's all I've come up with!


No solutions yet. It is as it is. I don't like where Plex is heading, it is amazing software but obviously led by bunch of businessmen and non of film enthusiasts. New Plex Media Player is best example of that statement. It just looks nice, but it's boring straightforward TV menu. What's the use when you have 6000+ movie collections from different periods, styles, movements, themes and history references... There is no way to sort your collection in Plex that way. Plex is not about organizing anymore but media features generally. I had to give up on Collections, it's a shame it is not developed further, it's neglected and using it is too clumsy even in Open PHT. I started using Playlists instead to make my own collections, it is more solid solution but it looks like it is mainly made for music. I hope I'm wrong about Plex plans in future but it looks like Kodi is better solution for film lovers and collectors at this moment.


I’m running a test now with a second movies library called “Shorts” and putting some of my short films (Three Stooges etc.) in there. Plex seems to be finding metadata fine. Is there a problem with doing this?

EDIT: Ah I see, the database still wants to put all the movies under “Movies” also and now those links are broken. I had a hunch that would be too easy (hence this thread).


Sorry to resurrect an ancient thread here, but searching for “short films” this is the newest one that comes up.

I’d like to add my name to this request as well. I have a number of “anthology” DVDs which contain short films by various directors, and I’d like to sort them properly, but the only way to handle them in Plex is to treat them as TV episodes. I’d much rather keep them separated from my TV shows and hold them in movies, which they are, but there’s no way to do this elegantly.


I’d suggest creating special tags or collection names and then creating a custom playlist that organises the titles based on Tags and Air Date/Date Added or something like that
The custom playlist filters are pretty smart, depending on what metadata you have at your disposal.


I also would like to know if there is an easier solution to this. I have so many movies that are collections. The disc has one title and within that disc are multiple short movie titles.
So far what I have done is to title them with the “Title of Short Film Disc, (date disc released) - Pt1, Pt2, Pt3, etc… [Name of the individual short]” and placing brackets around the short films title.