file names reverting after import


All of a sudden all my media is appearing in Plex with the original file names instead of the cleaned up names I gave them after download. i.e. movie Medium Cool (1969) imports as - Medium.Cool.1969.1080p.BluRay.H264.AAC-RARBG - which was the original files name. I've used Plex for years and this has just started to happen and I'm stumped - any ideas????


The BEST idea is to name your files properly - instead of Fix Match - fighting Plex tooth and nail every time you add a movie or show.

FileBot (link in my signature) can handle that file naming/structuring for you automatically or manually in seconds.

What FileBot can’t do is remove possible embedded metadata in the Title Field of MP4/M4V files. Plex will read this info and prefer it over a perfect file name/structure (you probably don’t have any of those yet), but you can combat that situation by moving Local Media Assets to the bottom of every agent list you can find. All tabs in TV Show and Movies here:
Just drag LMA to the bottom of the list and drop it. If you do have embedded metadata this will cure the issue, if you don’t it won’t matter. LMA will do what it has to from the bottom.

Renaming/restructuring is best performed OUTSIDE the library and you’ll need to write a new bundle for the show so The Plex Dance® was invented:

The Plex Dance®:

  1. remove show/movie from library
  2. update library
  3. empty trash
  4. clean bundles <— update library, empty trash, clean bundles
  5. bring names and structures into compliance/ or the ultimate bundle reboot operation
  6. replace corrected show/movie into library
  7. update library

All Steps. In Order. No Shortcuts.


Hey juice,
cheers for the quick response. The mystery is why it suddenly started doing it - I’ve always named the files outside of Plex before importing, never used Fix Matching. Never had any issues to now.
For the times when things didn’t work out I was, without knowing the name, doing my own Plex dance to get the files to show up correctly. -nice moniker by the way!
I’ll try adjusting the agents as you suggest and take the offending files out for a dance! and see where that gets me. :slight_smile:


If those actions don’t produce the desired effect - Log Files:
Drag zip file to message window and drop it.