Find incorrect matches in very large library



I have a very large Library with more than 1500 titles in it. I have recently move the storage location and this has caused the scanner to rescan everything and unfortunately it does not always match correctly.

is there a way that a query could be pulled in which I get the
FileName and Path
The matched Title

? This would be not perfect but still better than going through each and every file manually. Other suggestions welcome!


Webtools will extract the info you are looking for


Super Many thanks !


Actually, nope....

WebTools will catch medias not match, but op has a mismatch, or?

For generation of lists from a Library, use ExportTools
Link to both in my signature


There are two tools that Plex desperately needs built-in.

  1. Find something Plex mismatched comparing matched titles to filenames

This is usually ones that don't have a score of 100 for a perfect match so it just picks the first random thing it finds.

  1. Show files/folders it skipped, along with the reason

The physical files/folders never matches what Plex has counted/shown and there is no way to know what it skipped and why easily.

I can personally compare the database entries to the files/folders to find differences and stuff that is missing, but it would be nice if these features were built-in with a click if a button. Or take a step back and stop matching stuff that isn't a perfect match and notify you of a list of files and folders it skipped or are not part of the library after a scan, so it doesn't necessarily have to be a tool, per se.



tried the export tools but it crashes when I use Level 5 which I believe is the one I need. So did not really do the job. Also would be super Cool if I could select the columns exported. For example in my case FileName and Title...

Any suggestions would be welcome!


Export tools support is handled in it own thread