Folders and Libraries on My Cloud Home



I recently bought a My Cloud Home, but it seems to restrict the creation of libraries in Plex. It has five default libraries and folders for them (Home Videos, Movies, Music, Photos, TV Shows). However, it does not let me create any additional libraries even if I create folders on the My Cloud Home inside the Plex folder. Does anyone know if WD is planning to create a solution for this? Or can anyone recommend a good WD NAS that allows the creation of Plex libraries?


This been reported 100 times to both Plex and WD but no fix so far. Hey PLEX & WD this is 2018 now, fix this anoying bug!


I have the same problem. I want to put Law & Order in its own library separate from Star Trek and separate from sitcoms. I like to watch TV shows on shuffle, but I don’t want The Golden Girls popping up in the middle of my Star Trek marathon.

This was super easy to achieve when I had Plex running on my HTPC. Will I have to keep running Plex on the HTPC even though I bought this WD My Cloud Home specifically because it runs Plex natively?


I switched to Plex Cloud, WD Plex is wasting time