Harmony support ps4



Is it possible to add harmony remote support on the ps4 app ?


Not really, I would imagine. The only way I think they might could do it is if they added support for some rare and random dongle that the Harmony could mimic, and that probably wouldn't be worth their time.

What needs to happen, is Sony needs to get off of their duffs and make a remote. The problem there is that it is most likely to be bluetooth and not IR, therefore you'd still need a second remote.


The harmony remotes (with the hub) works with the ps4 now, the Netflix app works so i think its possible.



you should have asked yourself, can I control the PS4 with the harmony? Answer would be, yes to turn it on and off. It is not plex which needs to bring that. Its Logitech and Sony.

No Sony should not bring ANOTHER remote. There are already enough out. Instead just give people the freedom to choose their own. I can control in a limited way my PS3 with my harmony smart control. Its not difficult for Sony I think, as bluetooth and lan are there. They might just have to program it right.

IR would be also a possibility but that they need to program and add fresh to the Playstation.


Like OP has said, harmony hub works with the PS4 to navigate the home screen and on certain apps like netflix, but not other apps. So it would seem the app itself needs to enable this functionality.

It appears the harmony hub connects to the ps4 as a bluetooth keyboard, so maybe the plex app needs to have functionality enabled for keyboard support.


Some TV remotes actually work on ps4, my samsung tv remote uses HDMI-CEC and works perfectly on the Plex app. Might be worth a try.


The remotes are either HDMI-CEC or generic USB input devices. My understanding is that both will be supported. As it stands now the Sony platform doesn't provide generic USB input to our application. Yes, generic USB devices work well in Netflix and the Sony BluRay player. We passed that information to Sony when asking them to support these 3rd party remotes.


Is there any news on the harmony remote on the PS4?
It works with Amazon and Netflix, still not with Plex.


I bought the Harmony Smart remote yesterday, knowing the limitation that it couldn't switch the PS4 on. I didn't, however, realise that it didn't work in Plex (as above, it works flawlessly in Netflix etc). So today I'm taking the remote back and am back to square one. Is the PS4 app. a low priority for Plex?


I also have a Harmony remote, and it works for everything else except in the Plex app on the PS4.


X2! I appreciate all that the Plex team does, but MAN I hate having to use my DualShock for navigating Plex. Talk about cloogey. [-(


This needs to be solved, it's such a shame that most plex apps are not complete but lacks features. I used to be a plex pass member but due to many bugs I'm saving my money as of now.


I too would really like this to be fixed. I'm a Plex Pass member, and see no reason it shouldn't work.


Has the development team acknowledged this as a gap? Seems it shouldn't be too difficult to add support


This needs to be answered, it is a big feature gap and users deserve an ETA. Very frustrating!


Another vote to get the PS4 and Plex thing resolved... It is easily becoming my go to media streaming app but not being able to control it in my favorite system is frustrating.


"me too - vote"
Harmony+plex+ps4 user.


Why is this still an issue???


With the latest update of PLEX on PS4 the harmony remote control seems to work for me now.


@tv4m3 said:
With the latest update of PLEX on PS4 the harmony remote control seems to work for me now.

I cannot get this to work…