Harmony Ultimate Remote doesn't work with Plex on the PS4



I've read around a bit before posting but I'm yet to get a solid solution or answer. I've recently been using Plex through my PS4 and find it works very well, the picture and sound are good and I get a lot less buffering than I do through my Samsung TV. I was so pleased with it that I decided to drop £150 on a Harmony Ultimate remote and Hub so I can use the PS4 as my media hub.

Imagine my disappointment when I discover that as soon as I enter the Plex app on the PS4 I can't control the menus with the remote - I mean what on earth is going on there? Isn't it just another bluetooth device like the controller? This has completely screwed up my plans for what would be an awesome home entertainment set up.

What's the deal Plex? I had read that this was fixed but it's not working on mine...


Same here. So frustrating. The remote works with every other app (except blu ray playback), why not with plex?


Still not fixed - is it a PS4 issue, or a Plex one? Seems odd that I can control everything else, but as soon as it gets into Plex it ceases to respond. Using the game controller is clumsy.