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Hi Everyone! It's my 'help world' in starting a new topic.  


Just wanted to know if there was a way to use high res trailers (720p like in apple trailers) in PlexConnect.  The current implementation is great, and using HD trailers would make it even better.


Yep, hijack the [iMovie Theatre](https://forums.plex.tv/topic/86012-how-to-use-imovie-theater-instead-of-the-trailers-app/) app instead of Trailers. :)


i think he mean the trailers option when browsing your movie library.. I'd like this option to.


i think he mean the trailers option when browsing your movie library.. I'd like this option to.

It's already there


yeah its there but the trailers only play in sd, he's looking for an option to make it play an hd version.


Yep, hijack the iMovie Theatre app instead of Trailers. :)

What does it have to do with trailers resolution??


My reply was mostly cheeky, but also I didn't realize that @dericksantillan was (probably) referring to the Trailer button on the pre-play screen. I've never used it, so forgot it was there; thought he was using a Channel or something.

If the trailer pulled by the PlexConnect pre-play screen is indeed not high-def, then that's definitely worth looking into.


It was actually code contributed by a user, last I heard he was going to look at language support but that was a couple of months ago I think. The Plex guys keep saying this is on their radar for PMS (really where the code should sit) but they have been saying this for a long time.

I wonder if the original dev contributed is interested in picking this up or indeed avoided HD because there were issues with the search code.

It is a very cool feature :)


I agree! Having HD trailers available on plex will be great!!! :D


Is there any update to getting this HD trailer feature? Some of the SD trailers are pretty poor quality.




Great this looks to be exactly what I am looking for. >:D<

Why would this feature not have been added to the latest dev-110616?

I am not an advanced user but would really like to have use of this feature, any chance of a link or tip on how to install this code?



git clone https://github.com/wahlmanj3/PlexConnect.git


cd PlexConnect
git pull


why i cant find on my plex hd trailer channel just i tunes trailer